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One of the Iranian visual arts is Persian painting (Negargary), which appeared and reached its peak during the fifth century. Miniature also had some roots in Manichaeans painting. In this style of painting, the Iranian artists want to go beyond the realities and try to decorate the nature in a supernatural way.

This type of painting has an appearance and a meaning (explicit implicit). Apparently, all of the forms are without perspective an addition, the colours and the forms do not show the close or far distance; therefore, all the objects which are seen make a single form of the universe, and we see a story from inside that form.


Most of the subjects of Iranian paintings are in a direct relationship, with our ancient literature, history and civilization. The main point in Persian miniature is the manifestation of the truth in art and the reference to the spiritual world.

About Miniature (Persian Painting)

Artist: The Master Mahmoud Farshchian

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