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About the artist: Bio



             I feel, therefore I am!

                                     Emily Eakin

I am Shahla Karbalaei, a Persian-Canadian artist specializing in traditional Persian "miniature" painting. I was born in Isfahan, Iran, and moved to Canada in my early middle-age. 

Although I studied architecture, creative art has always been my passion. In 1984, I decided to pursue a career in art and later on became a miniaturist in Iran. Since 1996, miniature painting has been my profession. My life experiences have led me to conclude that drawing and painting are the best media for me to express my journey of life. I believes that Art creates a unique and powerful means with which to speak about momentary existence. 

Over the years, I have dabbled in many techniques and different materials; I get deep inspiration not just from the breathtaking and rich culture of Iran, but also from the scenery of western culture. 



About the artist: CV

  • Shahla Karbalaie is an award-winning painter.

  • She has diploma in Interior Design from The World of Science Institute

  • She has diploma in Negargary from Iran. 

  • Shahla is a certified artist from the Institute of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Iran.


  • Active Member of the Contemporary Visual Arts-Mashhad, Iran

  • Co-illustrator of the "Rumi's Stories" book (

  • Shahla has been involved in over 30 exhibitions in solo and group in Iran, Canada, and in the Eastern world.

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